Her Presentations are Inspirational:

  • Provide thought provoking messages


  • Reveal subconscious meanings of thoughts, health, colors & numbers


  • Identifies the root cause of challenges, not just the surface symptoms


  • Motivates people to find the pathway(s) to reach their goals & dreams


  • Opens participants to a new way of approaching & viewing situations

Life's Pathways, LLC

Providing Holistic Solutions for

Life’s Challenges

Rhonda currently conducts these programs:

Wishes Dreams and Butterflies

It is amazing what we can accomplish if we do not let our emotions, self-doubts or fears get in the way.  Recognizing and seizing opportunities is the key to moving from fear to forward.

The Cognitive Connection

The mind and the body are connected. 
What we feel and think affects our attitudes and health.  Did you know that the body actually
reveals a code about your thoughts?


Numbers You Can Count On!

Numbers provide us with subconscious perception
of value, quality and success.  Knowing
the “personality” of each number is fun and enlightening.  Everyone and everything has a number!


Primary Colors as a

Color is all around us, but we forget about the
impact it has on our lives.  Color influences our
purchase decisions, our productivity, our energy levels
 and our health and wellness.


Relax, It’s Only Stress!

Today’s lifestyles are hectic and demanding. 
Learning to see the humor in the situation and
relaxing will ease the stress in your life.

Rhonda programs are customized
to fit each organization’s needs

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